Activity: Cappadocia Activities

Cappadocia offers a range of activities for visitors to explore and enjoy its unique beauty and culture. From ATV tours and horse riding tours to Turkish night shows and salt lake tours, there is something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia.

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Atv (Quad Bike) Tour

Guided Cappadocia safari tours with small off-road vehicles. OVERVIEW; Almost Everyone knows about Cappadocia’s beautiful sights and famous landmarks. But is that what makes cappadocia an attractive city and one of the most visited cities in Turkey ? Beautiful sights? Fairy Chimneys? Delicious food?? sure these are some reasons of why Cappadocia is considered as…

Activity 1 Days 0 Nights

From €35.00 €30.00

Horse Back Riding Tour

Horse tours in the mysterious valleys of Cappadocia OVERVIEW; Horse back riding is incredibly fun when it is done safely with the correct protective gear and the necessary experience and knowledge and we are here to share our knowledge and experience with our valuable visitors Out beautiful horses are waiting for your presence.   ITINERARY;…

Activity 1 Days 0 Nights

From €45.00 €35.00

Classic Car Tours

Cappadocia Classic Car Tours PHOTO TAKING TOURS; If you want to take photos with old model classic vehicles, please contact us. If you want, we can make Cappadocia tours with our classic vehicles. Special outfits are available for photo shoots.  

Activity 1 Days 0 Nights

From €130.00 €100.00

Jeep Safari

OVERVIEW; Cappadocia is full of exciting activities such as baloon flights, horseback ridings, camel ridings and much more but sometimes you feel like you just want to feel both, excitement and tranquility while experiencing all beautiful sigtseeings around you and also you might want someone else to be in control of the  vehicle while you…

Activity 1 Days 0 Nights

From €50.00 €45.00

Whirling Dervish Show

OVERVIEW; Although it is a Persian word, the word “Dervish” has entered the languages ​​of all Muslim nations, essentially it means “needy, poor”. In terms of mystical meaning “the person who feels that he is in need of the god” called Dervish. Dervishes are famous with their worship rituals which require the Dervish to spin…

Activity 1 Days 0 Nights

From €40.00 €30.00

Hamam (Turkish Bath)

Cappadocia Hamam Activitiy OVERVIEW; Turks who came to Anatolia combined the bath tradition they brought with them with the Roman-Byzantine Bath tradition. When the traditional cleaning and hygiene rules of the Turks were added to Roman-Byzantine traditions, a new concept emerged. Turkish Bath. At first The Turkish Bath, which started as a different type of…

Activity 1 Days 0 Nights

From €50.00 €35.00

Turkish Night Show

Cappadocia Turkish Night Show – Turkish night entertainments are held in large rock-cut restaurants. OVERVIEW; Turkish Night is a kind of a night that not only Turkish food but also Turkish culture is served. In these activities, you can have a lot of fun and experience the whole Turkish culture and enjoy yourselves while watching…

Activity 1 Days 0 Nights

From €40.00 €35.00

Salt Lake Tour

Cappadocia Health Tourism OVERVIEW; The Salt Lake is the second largest lake after Van Lake, the size of the huge lake is 1500 sq. km, what gives an amazing view of an salt desert. But more interesting is that there are around 22 very healthy minerals which are good for problems as eczema, rheumatism, joint…

Activity 1 Days 0 Nights

From €175.00 €150.00