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Cappadocia Shopping Tour (Only Private)

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If you are into shopping and you want to see all traditional products all around cappadocia and turkey , then this whole-day just shopping tour might be something of your interest.
Cappadocia is located along the famous Silk Road and it has been a great location of trade and Throughout the centuries.

Hittites, Assyrians,Greeks, Arabs, Jews and Turks carried out trade activities in this region which made cappadocia one of the most popular business and and trade center all around the world.
It is possible to see some unique shopping places within this region such as carpet workshops, pottery workshops, leather workshops and also shopping malls where you can buy local textile, food and cloth products.



CARPET WORKSHOP: We visit a women’s co-operative carpet workshop. Unfortunately, ladies in Turkey contributes far less to the economy than men. Co-operatives enable women to be financially independent and gain self-confidence. Often the skills that they acquire are taught to them within these workshops and they are passed from one generation to another throughout the years.
Anything you might buy from these shops will help the local economy and will help those ladies become more independent.

If you don’t want to get disappointed in purchasing a carpet either by discovering that you purchased a fake, or simply by worrying that you paid too much, worry no more because we are here to get you the most reputable and trustworthy people in the market.

POTTERY WORKSHOP: Almost more than half of the workshops available in Cappadocia are family-run businesses where they perform this amazing art for centuries. Pottery art might have started in approximately 1750 B.C with Hittites in Anatolia but some families are still continue this tradition with great patience and energy. They have been getting the red clay from the Red River, which is almost 1355 km in length, and the white one from the rocky parts of Cappadocia.

During our visit, you will get to see a great demonstration of how to make a piece of pottery and if you feel like you want to give it a shot you can also try to make a pottery which will cost you nothing.
After the demonstration you will be shown hand made pieces of pottery and ceramics which are specific to the region in style and colors.

LEATHER WORKSHOP: If you want to find genuine , hand-made, colorful and good quality presents for your family members, best friends or yourself, they are the very perfect places ! These places offer you genuine leather stuff . And the quality of leather has always been exquisite around Turkey because traders from all around the world come to Turkey to buy leather.

ONYX DEMONSTRATION FACTORY: Even though onyx stones looks like similar to the regular marble.Onyx stones are half transparent but marble cant.It is possible to see different variations and colors of onyx stones.

Thanks to it’s geological location turkey is the house of a lot of valuable and half valuable mineral gems and stones.
One of the most important and known stone around turkey is the zultanite, Zultanite is an extremely rare, transparent gemstone, which changes color in different light types and shows the colours of yellow, cognac, pink ,blue, red, green.

Turkey is the only place where the mineral can be found.we can only mine it at the southwest part of the turkey
Get ready to feast our eyes on the beautiful wonders of the earth and prepare yourselves because you will be amazed.



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