Destination: Konya

Konya is a city in Turkey with a rich history. It is famous for the Mevlana Museum, dedicated to Rumi, the famous Sufi poet and philosopher. The museum, once a dervish lodge, now holds Rumi’s tomb and exhibits about his life. Konya also has historic sites like the Karatay Medrese and the Alaeddin Mosque. The city is known for its traditional crafts, street life, and local cuisine. A blend of history, culture and modern life can be experienced in Konya. It is a must-visit for history and culture lovers.

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Konya City Tour (Only Private)

ITINERARY; Starts at 08:30   Ends at 18:00 You will be picked up from your hotel in Cappadocia at 08:30 by your guide and driver to start your tour. You will be taken to the Sultanhani caravanserai on the road, which is the largest and best preserved caravanserai on the Silk Road. The history of Sultanhanı…

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