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Cappadocia Red Tour


Starts at : 09.30 – Ends at :16.00


Love Valley

Love valley hosts one of the most beautiful sightseeing all around Cappoadocia you will get to see best examples of the mushroom typed fairy chimneys (hoodoo) with an amazing panoramic view.

Pasabagi Fairy Chimneys (Monks Valley)

At the monks valley you will get to see mushroom typed fairy chimneys with a closer look and have opportunity to even touch them you will be taking some information about christianity in the region and have enough free time to explore around.

Zelve Open Air Museum

Zelve was an open valley with a large cave settlement.
The small area has a lot of remainings made for fulfilling almost every needs of christians lived in the past and remained a Turkish village until 1960s. Today, Zelve is an open-air museum open to the public.
A lot to see and a lot to picture.

Uchisar Castle

Get ready to be amazed because this view will blow your mind off.
At the center of cappadocia we have one of the biggest fairy chimneys all around cappadocia and it is the uchisar castle.
We will spend some time under the castle and you will be well informed about it take a lot of beautiful pictures and have enough free time to enjoy it.

*We will have a break for our lunch fix or open buffet in a decent restaurant*

Avanos Pottery Workshop

Avanos is the house of the pottery and this will be the highlight of your day.
We will find ourselves at a pottery workshop at avanos and there will be expert people about pottery making
First they will give you some information about it and than they will show you how to make a pottery and than let people in our group to try it (Maybe you?)

Devrent Valley (Imagination Valley)

At the imagination valley you there will be a lot of different shaped rocks looking like various things such as Camel, Snail, Penguin etc.
At this place you will be able to test your imagination and decide if you are an imaginative person or not.


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